Four Common Public Relations Myths Not To Believe

Public relations is an art of strategy, creativity, relationships and experience; and less about writing a press release and calling it a day. As a long-time PR professional, I can attest that most people don’t understand what our craft is really about—including family! I will say this—we aren’t magicians and we can’t read minds. However, [...]

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BuzzPR Hosts Panel at Freelance Conference 2018

This Thursday, September 13 from Noon to 1p.m. we'll be hosting an interactive panel session at #FREECON 2018 held in Austin, Texas at the Microsoft Office building. Our session will deep dive into the Art of Subcontracting, and we're excited to share our experiences with other freelance business owners to support their growth. Hope you can [...]

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Why the Press Release is NOT Dead

Content is king and this applies to the good ‘ol public relations tool known as the press release. Or as I like to call it, the news release. Traditional Press Releases Traditionally, press releases were created to inform media—formatted for businesses and individuals to issue news to reporters and editors. It was assumed no one [...]

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6 Basic Steps to Launching a Successful PR Campaign

Understanding and knowing what steps to take to carry out a successful small business PR campaign can be daunting, confusing and quite overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. If you have messaging complete, something newsworthy to say and it is communicated in the right way, the chances of getting coverage is in your favor. Here [...]

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Five Steps to Developing Your Value Proposition

One of the biggest challenges I see on an ongoing basis with small business PR consulting clients is a lack of developed value propositions that demonstrates the need they are truly meeting. Most businesses are established to fill an unmet need in the marketplace. Yet the catch is so much attention goes into developing the [...]

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