Public relations is an art of strategy, creativity, relationships and experience; and less about writing a press release and calling it a day. As a long-time PR professional, I can attest that most people don’t understand what our craft is really about—including family! I will say this—we aren’t magicians and we can’t read minds. However, what we can do is certainly tell your story authentically.

Below are four common PR myths that I frequently (as in daily) address when the subject of public relations comes up. Let’s take a look.

PR Is About the Press Release

If I had a dime for every time I heard, “oh you’re in PR, so you only write press releases?” Well, yes that is true, but it’s only a sum of the many parts. A press release is a communication tool that supports the public relations strategy of a media relations campaign that provides specific, but brief information about your news. What a press release is not, is guaranteed earned coverage that will be picked up and published—so a one and done approach is strongly discouraged. If you want to make sure your press release avoids the trash, tailor your pitch that captures why your news is relevant to readers and what they will learn and/or walk away with that will be helpful. Or better yet – make a video news release and get creative.

Public Relations Can’t Be Measured

Thanks to analytical tools such as Google Analytics and analytical dashboards across social platforms and email marketing software, public relations now has a seat at the table to be measured. Gone are the days of just focusing on circulation, sentiment and audience reach. Software tools such as Trendkite are also good but can be costly if you’re just starting out.

A One and Done Approach Will Work

You know that one-hit wonder you can’t quite remember? One big media hit doesn’t mean you’re done. Either does 20 shares of a Facebook post or 300 views of a video. Public Relations is a multifaceted field that requires education, research, training, practice and consistency. Setting attainable goals and well-thought-out strategies = steady, long-term success.

PR is Too Expensive

There are many pricing levels when it comes to PR. You can go with experienced freelancers, retain a boutique or large PR agency. It all depends on your needs and budget. However before assuming PR is too expensive, look into the options available to you while keeping in mind PR encompasses much more than media mentions. PR has the power to bolster your company’s credibility, establish market thought-leadership and raise awareness of your brand in front of the audiences who need to know.

Reference our blog post on how to launch a successful PR campaign to get a better understanding on how PR works. Need to pick our brain? Learn more about our advisory services. Need PR support? Get in touch with us to set up an exploratory call to talk through your needs.