Streamlining Brand and Marketing Strategy

Defining a company’s identity and unique branding outside the auspices of a supportive parent company can be challenging. Here’s how one Austin company made it happen…


Courtney’s Catering, an Austin, Texas-area catering company specializing in weddings, corporate luncheons and themed events, had been operating under its parent company, Dowling Hospitality, LLC, since opening its doors in 2000. The company’s other concepts – Capital BBQ and ProBars (bartending services) – were also operating under the Dowling Hospitality brand.

Courtney’s Catering was an established local catering brand, yet also operating under the moniker of the company’s parent brand and alongside the other brands – creating a confusing dilemma when the company wanted to market to new customers. Courtney’s Catering also needed an overhaul of their marketing communications goals and strategy: It had been a year since they’d explored the effectiveness of reaching and engaging their target audiences.

In addition, competition was heating up. Several local catering companies were quickly entering the market, as were locally-branded BBQ companies and farm-to-table startups. And, many foodservice establishments were introducing specialized dietary menus, which only added to the company’s marketing issues. It wasn’t long before the owners of Courtney’s Catering started experiencing the reality and fast pace of growing competition.


  • Consolidate the company’s multiple entities into a single entity that would operate under the Courtney’s Catering name to better streamline the brand in the local market and eliminate market confusion
  • Re-define, establish, and execute a solid marketing strategy
  • Increase revenue by 65% in one year
  • Build the company’scorporate client base, and increase business and commercial event traffic during the week

Plan of Action

BuzzPR kicked off the strategy assessment with a 2-hour Q&A discovery workshop with the entire team to discuss and audit the company’s current business state to determine successes and shortfalls, as well as strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats (SWOT).

We conducted a deep dive into existing business goals and marketing strategies – running the gamut from sales to social media/PR to messaging, content, website functionality, and competitive landscape. We also performed a thorough audit and crafted a detailed plan-of-action that included a comprehensive overview of the business state, with the goal of giving the client raw, frank insights about their true market position. Working closely with the client, we developed definitive business and marketing goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics to provide a hands-on guideline and future-forward path to success.


Dowling Hospitality, LLC, remaining the parent company, began operating as Courtney’s Catering. The company redesigned their website and accompanying content to reflect new branding and messaging, updated all social channel profiles and content, and the team implemented new sales and marketing strategies that better reflected brand position and direction. The company anticipates definitive, measurable results in Q2 2018. Until then, the new strategies are clearly resonating with Courtney’s Catering customers, and results will be reflected soon.

“When it comes to strategy and marketing, Dana’s skills are truly amazing. Her advice seems so natural and intuitive, and what she brought to light in my company were things that we truly needed to see. She’s an incredible resource that I highly recommend, and will use again. Thanks Dana!”

Mark Dowling, Owner/Chef, Courtney’s Catering