This Thursday, September 13 from Noon to 1p.m. we’ll be hosting an interactive panel session at #FREECON 2018 held in Austin, Texas at the Microsoft Office building. Our session will deep dive into the Art of Subcontracting, and we’re excited to share our experiences with other freelance business owners to support their growth. Hope you can join us! RSVP for this free panel event today!

About The Art of Subcontracting Panel

Subcontracting seems to be a mysterious art form few freelancers have mastered. But why? There’s no better way to supplement your client workload. Dana Marruffo, principal of Buzz Public Relations and LuAnn Glowacz, owner of WordCove are seasoned pros known for blazing trails on their own; but they credit subcontractors and subcontracting (often for each other) as a key to their long-standing successes. Small business attorney Emily Morris advises business owners and freelancers on the best methods to protect everything they have worked so hard to build, which often includes solid contractor agreements.

Moderated by Jenny Magic, Senior Digital Strategist at Springox, join Dana, LuAnn and Emily for a candid panel discussion that will unveil key elements to establish respectful, lucrative and supportive relationships with subcontractors to help grow your freelance business.

Attendees will walk away knowing how to better:

  • Communicate and negotiate contracts, including what terms to define and when to do so.
  • Understand how, when and why to use subcontractors or to make yourself available as a subcontractor.
  • Manage a team of subcontractors with clients.
  • Charge fees and scale projects.
  • Foresee and handle challenges to prevent mistakes from happening multiple times.
  • Plan for the unexpected.

About Freelance Conference, #FREECON

Started in 2014, and now affectionately known as #FREECON, The Freelance Conference is five days of events lead by industry leaders and peers. The dynamic Emily Leach produces this productive event and designs each session around the specific skills needed to run a freelance business, building momentum and opening up opportunities.

From intimate fireside chats to interactive panel discussions to the awe inspiring Ignite Freelance event, attendees will find solutions and a new way to view your Freelance Business.