Messaging + Positioning Development; Website Redesign

Houston-based STATcard, a sales recruiting service provider, recognized the need to redefine its market message and redesign its website to establish brand awareness among target audiences, and drive users to join its services.


  • STATcard, headquartered in Houston, Texas, was founded on the premises of simplifying the sales hiring process by providing a collaborative environment that emphasizes sales performance metrics as the primary search criteria company recruiters use to quickly find and qualify experienced sales professionals.
  • The company sought to introduce a fresh approach to conventional sales recruiting tactics with its affordable, highly-responsive proprietary software platform to give company recruiters direct access and full insight into a sales professional’s statistical performance history. As a result, recruiters eliminate guesswork, blind searches and missed opportunities typically experienced with traditional recruiting methods and third-party recruiters.
  • STATcard took the initiative to self-develop market messaging and website creation prior to launch, but quickly realized they needed professional development help when sign-ups for the service weren’t moving the needle. Furthermore, it was soon discovered static functionality on the website and lack of definitive web copy to demonstrate the value of the service were hindering users to join.


Taking a phased approach, there were two goals for phase one:

  • Redevelop the company’s messaging and supporting web copy.
  • Redesign website and optimize for SEO.

The client had already launched the company, and felt the urgency to meet these goals as quickly as possible. BuzzPR committed to aggressively completing phase one within a 2-month timeframe.

Plan of Action

Working on an aggressive 2-month timeline, BuzzPR and website design/developer partner, Ryderking Creative, remotely worked with STATcard throughout the entire project with weekly phone calls, email correspondence, and collaborative tools. Utilizing the client’s existing market deliverables and a 1.5-hour Q&A messaging audit & assessment session, BuzzPR developed a defined messaging framework that included

  • Core messaging and positioning
  • Tagline, mission and vision statements
  • Value propositions
  • Process-driven product messaging
  • Target audience and market messages
  • SWOT
  • Competitive outline to assist the client with internal research and development

We delivered sections of the framework every week for client feedback and discussions, while simultaneously developing web copy and building out site design, SEO and functionality on a WordPress platform.

It was also discovered the company’s proprietary database platform needed minor revisions and updates. BuzzPR facilitated in finding a developer to bring onboard and acted as a liaison between client and developer to ensure tactics and deadlines were carried through within the project’s timeframe.

The old website can be viewed below:

STATcard Old Website


STATcard launched the new website and new message web copy within a week following the 2-month project once the proprietary database was QA and beta tested by the client.

BuzzPR will continue the client relationship with Phase 2, which is currently in planning and development, that will incorporate new messaging and positioning and consist of social media marketing and management, digital marketing and content strategy to raise awareness, establish brand and drive users to join the service.

The new and improved website can be found below.


“Dana is a complete powerhouse. Dana, and her team, saved my start-up company with a complete messaging and website overhaul. Dana does an outstanding job with getting the content right the first time – every time! Her ability to encapsulate my ideas into a clear concise manner that ultimately captures my client’s thoughts and emotions is unparalleled. She is fastidious in her approach to the details on any given project. I highly recommend Dana as she is an absolute pleasure to work with.”        

~ Adrian Smith, Founder, STATcard