Rebranding Strategy and Messaging + Positioning Development

San Antonio-based ReactorNet gains insight into product offering through messaging and positioning development for successful company launch.


ReactorNet Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas that specializes in SaaS-based, e-procurement solutions for medium- to large-size companies in various vertical industries. Founded in 2000, ReactorNet was established from the company’s first entity, Cinema Solutions, which offers e-procurement solutions specific for the cinema industry.

The company’s founders launched ReactorNet and its proprietary e-procurement technology to expand into other vertical markets. With no market presence and a website in development, ReactorNet sought launch an aggressive 6-month PR campaign. However, during the strategy/planning phase, it became clear the project needed to shift direction to first develop messaging and positioning that would serve as building blocks to ensure the company would be positioned effectively in the market, and be prepared for the execution for a results-oriented PR campaign.


  • Develop and launch company and technology messaging/positioning
  • Define and develop competitive landscape
  • Develop PR plan for execution

Plan of Action

BuzzPR conducted a half-day team messaging/positioning development session to identify the various brand elements in communications and marketing that set the company apart. These elements included a comprehensive strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats (SWOT) analysis, product positioning, key benefits, positioning statement, mission, brand pillars, value proposition, target audiences, competitive landscape and go-to-market messaging.

During the next month, BuzzPR and the ReactorNet team collaborated on building a tangible messaging framework that would serve as a company-wide blueprint to guide employees to stay on message when communicating internally and externally. The framework also ensured all related deliverables—email campaigns, presentations, social media platforms, webinars, website, and other marketing collateral—would stay aligned to the core message.


Through the strategic development process, ReactorNet gained valuable insights about their offering and company position. The exercise set off many ‘a-ha’ moments as company founders and the sales team realized they now had a solid message that would help them deliver value in ways they had not perceived before. The result was clearer communication both internally and externally, and an overall stronger sales message to that delivered value to potential clients.

At the time of launch, ReactorNet concluded they wanted to use their new market message to focus their efforts on driving leads through outside sales, webinars, and industry conferences.

“We truly enjoyed working with Dana. She immediately added value to our company. She evaluated how we were doing things, recommended changes, and followed-through with action items until we had an established messaging framework. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking a detail-oriented marketing consultant who not only follows through but will also push you reach for greater goals.”

Anthony Kylitis, Co-Founder/VP of Marketing, ReactorNet