Here are a few latest news and developments happening in the social media arena this week.

Instagram tests new ‘live video’ feature for users to join each other

Instagram is testing ways for users to join each other’s live broadcasts, with plans to roll out the new feature worldwide in the next few months. Live broadcasters can simply tap “add” to bring other users into their videos. Read the full article in AdWeek.

Facebook gives Snapchat-like app the boot

Facebook has axed two apps — Lifestage, which was aimed at teens, and Groups, which let users access groups from a single point — saying features from both will be incorporated into the main app. Read the full article in BusinessInsider.

Facebook eliminates charges for accidental ad clicks

Facebook has announced that it will no longer charge advertisers for ad clicks that are obviously accidental, defining that by a user bouncing back from a click within two seconds. The update applies to ads served via Audience Network. Read the full article in Marketing Land.

Millennials apt to use Instagram over Snapchat according to new survey results

Thirty-four percent of US millennials use Instagram every day, compared with 28% who use Snapchat daily, CivicScience data indicate. In terms of video, Instagram Stories has over 250 million daily viewers, outpacing Snapchat’s 158 million. Read the full article in eMarketer.

5 Facebook Updates and Tests Spotted This Week

Another week, another set of Facebook tests and features spotted out ‘in the wild’. If you’re not aware by now, Facebook is always testing new tools and features – some of these changes are major, while others are more subtle. Read the full article in

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