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Part of a business’ success rides on a PR/communications strategy. Without it, you’re relying on guesswork to raise awareness of how your brand’s image is delivered to, and established in, the market. And more importantly, how you communicate your brand and how the market perceives it, to influence a call to action.

Depending on your current needs, we offer affordable consulting packages to help assess, develop and/or refine your go-to-market PR/communications strategies.

Consulting Packages

3 Hours of Workshop Time Includes:

  • Q&A audit consultation assessment of your current business state such as successes, challenges, current market strategies, target markets and competitive landscape.
  • Delivery of high-level actionable recommendations and opportunities based on the assessment.

Front Row
12 Hours of Workshop Time Includes:

  • Arena package plus,
    • In-depth evaluation of existing PR/marketing communications materials, plans, website, and messaging.
    • Strategy/planning session based on evaluated findings.
    • Delivery of plan-of-action recommendations.

25 Hours of Workshop Time Includes:

  • Front Row package, plus:
    • Strategy/planning session based on evaluated findings.
    • Message refinement/SWOT analysis.
    • Delivery of plan-of-action recommendations.
    • Development and delivery of PR plan, social media strategy and messaging framework.

Need a gut-check? Have questions? Need more direction? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging. We can provide ongoing consulting services, or on an as needed basis, that works for you.

Standalone Services

Social Media Consulting
PR Consulting/Media Relations Strategy
Implementation Training

“I’ve worked with Dana for a number of years in multiple B2B client relationships across a variety
of industries. She brings her A-game every time. Dana passionately manages cross functional
teams to guide the strategic marketing direction while not losing sight of the day-to-day
initiatives that otherwise might fall through the cracks. Bottomline: Dana gets results.”

Cari Holbrook, President/Founder, A La Mode Creative, Inc.