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Public Relations/Media Strategy

Public Relations (PR) is a valuable component of marketing communications that is an earned strategy consisting of simultaneous activity to establish thought leadership, build market credibility, educate, and generate brand awareness around your product or service offering among media influencers and target customers.

Don’t know where to begin? We will help you craft definitive public relations goals, and develop a thorough strategic PR plan that gives you roadmap ensuring tactics are executed effectively through four key components:

  • Overview/Situation Analysis (Where are you now?)

  • Goals and Objectives (Where do you want to be?)

  • Strategies/Tactics (How will you get there?)

  • Measurement of Success (Am I there?)

BuzzPR thinks through every possible scenario and prepares for every possible outcome so we always have a response that lies in the best interest of your brand. We’re known for creatively approaching our contacts with relevant coverage ideas and the key to our success is not through writing press releases; instead, it is through strategically smart storytelling that’s personalized for the reporter and customized for the outlet.

BuzzPR crafts your story with the form and function the media expects and respects. We build the communication tools necessary for delivering a consistent message, we proactively stay in front of reporters to ensure placement of trends stories, features and news reports, we can advise, create and assist with product and corporate presentations, and we offer thorough, one-on-one media preparation before each interview so you know what to expect and make yourself heard. Take advantage of our expertise in:

  • Product Launches
  • Executive Visibility/Speaker Placement
  • Analyst Relations
  • Press Tours
  • Conference/Tradeshow Support
  • Event Publicity
  • Industry Award Placement
  • Content Marketing

Don’t see it on the list? Ask us!

We tailor each pitch knowing the requirement each influencer seeks to develop a solid story its audience wants to hear. Follow up is an essential element to success. We don’t just rely on email, but call each influencer to discuss the story in depth and provide regular client updates. We also provide strategic counsel around last minute developments/initiatives and execute as needed, and consistently identify new media and campaign opportunities to take advantage of, if the opportunity arises.

One size does not fit all. We take into consideration, from a cross-organizational standpoint, which key performance indicators (KPI) matter to your business as based on your goals to track progress and activities to help report on gaps, perception, performance, challenges, etc., in case strategies need to be adjusted in real-time—not after a campaign has ended.

Whether you need to establish or rebrand your offering, introduce a new product or service, or stand against the competition, we can help you develop the right public relations strategy to meet your need.

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